How to Start Your Crypto Journey in 2021

In 2021, the crypto bull is running hard, with Bitcoin’s price soaring higher than $60,000. Old records are being broken and new ones created, while big-time influencers are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies. Considering Elon Musk’s activities on Twitter to Micro Strategy’s radical BTC acquisition, the wind is certainly blowing in favor of the global blockchain-cryptocurrency community.  On the inside, as…

Denmark-based sustainable food delivery startup raises €2M from a crowdfunding campaign.

is a Danish sustainable food delivery startup that delivers plant-based, organic meal boxes every week, ready to serve in 15 minutes. Its mission is to give people an easy and delicious way to reduce their climate footprint. Having already previously raised over $50 million to date, Simple Feast is flying on crowdfunding raise, welcoming over 600 investors to its roster. The…

UK firms could struggle to attract tech talent without remote working

The pandemic has placed remote working in the spotlight, with many businesses and employees coming to understand the range of benefits for the first time. However, new research from recruitment platform CodinGame shows organizations aren’t rushing to offer remote working positions to new tech employees, which could make finding and retaining top talent a challenge. Analyzing the state of the…

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